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Located at the “Cross Roads of the Americas” in Panama City Panama, Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter received its charter in December 7, 1985. The chapter consisted of men serving in the U.S. Military and U.S. Government services. Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter’s journey from Panama to Puerto Rico to Canada has come full circle with its return to its founding home in the Republic of Panama.  With the withdrawal of U.S. Military forces in Panama and the subsequent closure of all U.S. Military Bases in December 1999, Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter embarked on a journey across the Caribbean to Puerto Rico.

After several years of inactivity and prompted by a letter of an enthusiastic student at Carleton University in Canada, the re-establishment of Omega’s presence in Canada became a reality. Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter was transferred from Puerto Rico and reactivated in Ottawa, Canada in January 2008 and in February 2008, an undergraduate presence was established with eight young men from Carleton University.

These young men entered Omega through Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter. The initiation took place in Toronto, Canada, and we were blessed to have Brothers from Texas (9th District), Washington State (12th District), Buffalo, NY (2nd District), and Brothers from the 13th District present. A special note - the late Brother Benjamin “Pops” Wilson was able to join us from Germany.

This inaugural line of the reactivated Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter  in Canada was known as the OMEstad 8 and included:

  • Stefan Oliver Keyes “Cinque”
  • Stephane Bonaparte Auguste “Time Bomb”
  • Kweku Tawiah Winful “Prince HaQUEem”
  • Michael Sakyi ” Mandingo”
  • Bichoux St.Juste “QUEtube”
  • Clement Mugisha Ndegeya “I am Legend”
  • Delon Young “Predator”
  • Brian Crooks “NO I.D”
Over this twenty year journey, Nu Gamma Gamma yielded varying degrees of success as neither Puerto Rico nor Canada could sustain the Chapter over extended periods of time. In May 2020, however, with the consent and approval of the Thirteenth District Representative and the Supreme Council, Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter, like the proverbial “Phoenix” rising from the ashes, was re-established as a fully functional and financial Chapter of the 13th International District again in the Republic of Panama, it's birthplace.