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13th International District
  Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.
   "The District that makes Omega truly International"


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Message from the Tenth 13th District Representative


It is with a sobering sense of humility that I accept the privilege of serving this great District for a second term.  My commitment to the greatest Fraternity known to man – the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc – is a rare and precious opportunity to make a positive difference as I lead the Brothers of the 13th International District.  The work that Chapters of the 13th continue to engage in across the world has legitimized the claim that we are the District that makes Omega truly international.

Over the past 12 months, the 13th International District has made tremendous strides as we continue to keep the flame of Omega burning brightly around the world.  We are unique in many ways, but the two most poignant things that defines the 13th are its resilience and ability to function in a multi-national, transient environment. We will continue to be challenged by many obstacles and for a comparatively small District, we will persevere and innovatively recreate ourselves to remain relevant around the world. 

A key area of focus has been international growth.   As a result, we saw the historic chartering of Chi Mu Nu Chapter in Shanghai, China in December 2018,  Beta Nu Nu Chapter in Tijuana, Mexico in June 2019 and most recently, Delta Nu Nu Chapter in the United Arab Emirates.  In the spirit of global expansion, we are investigating the viability of expanding Omega’s reach in new and culturally diverse locations where our Brothers are currently domiciled. 

We continue to take the lead on humanitarian projects around the world.  Whether it is supporting hurricane victims in the Caribbean, contributing to battered women's shelters in the United Kingdom or Dubai, working with cancer orphanages in China, our rich mentoring programs across the world or sponsoring the commissioning of a number of boreholes (water wells) in rural villages where sanitary, portable water is deemed to be the prime cause of high infant mortality in Africa, the District remains steadfast to the call to service.

To continue doing this incredible work globally, we invite you to consider making a donation to one of our many worthwhile social action projects.  To this end, we'd be incredibly grateful if you would take a moment to visit our donation page.  Any amount will do tremendous good toward uplifting communities around the world.


Thank you for visiting our website and taking a moment to learn of our rich and emerging legacy.           
ith every good wish,

Trevor V. Hodge Ed.D.
Tenth 13th District Representative