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The Official Website of the
13th International District
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
"The District that makes Omega truly International"

Welcome to the Tenacious Thirteenth District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. The District is comprised of Brothers who serve Omega around the world and whose Chapters are located outside the continental United States. The District spans the globe and maintains a presence in 16 countries, on 5 continents, across 19 time zones. There are 21 Chapters across this District and we maintain an international presence in Bermuda, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Germany, Ghana, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, The Bahamas, The Netherlands, St. Croix VI, St. Thomas VI, St. Maarten, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Brothers across the world who are not affiliated with a local Chapter or District are encouraged to join the 13th District and reaffirm their commitment to Omega. This site is designed to retain and reclaim membership and provides Brothers with an opportunity to enjoy the privileges of full or affiliate membership in Chapters within the District.

The 13th International District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. has a proud legacy to protect and preserve.

Join us for a number of historical clips capturing our history as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of of the District's establishment.

13th International District Newsletter

Greetings Brothers of the Tenacious 13th International District, Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you. It is that time of the year where we take time for thanks and to spend time with our friends and family.

On behalf of the Brother Dr. Carl Bampoe, District Director of Public Relations and Brother Dr. Ronnvey Price, 13th District Public Relations Chairman, attached is our 13th District newsletter. These Brothers worked tireless to put this together and I am grateful to see this come to a fruition. Many thanks to these good Brothers. I also want to thank those Chapters who submitted articles for our newsletter. We know all of our articles cannot be posted in the Oracle, but this newsletter is another way of showing our global footprint across the world.

I would ask that all chapters continue to submit articles for our newsletter as well as for the Oracle. We got some unfinished business and we will continue to be in the spotlight across the fraternity.

Thank you my Brothers for your service and steadfast support to the 13th International District.

Bro. Tray George
Eleventh 13th District Representative
"Together We Achieve More"

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13th International District Promotes Holiday Toy Drive

The 13th International District Big Brothers Big Sisters a sub-committee of the Fatherhood and Mentoring Committee is requesting all chapters to promote the 2023 Holiday Toy Drive Give-Away events in their communities during the month of December.

Please share the attached Holiday Toy Drive flyer and information with your family, friends, and co-workers. Send photos, articles, and description of events (Chapters and its members and community stakeholders participating in the collection and distribution of Toys for deserving families) to the Brothers below no later than midnight December 29th, 2023 for the next edition of the IHQ Fatherhood and Mentoring Newsletter. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters Committee Chairman
Bro. Brandon Spencer

Big Brothers Big Sisters Committee Co-Chairman
Bro. Walt Young

In Unity,
Bro. Brandon Spencer
13th International District
Big Brothers Big Sisters Chairman
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Esteemed Members of the Tenacious 13th District,

I extend my greetings in the name of the Supreme Basileus of the Universe. I trust this message finds you and your families in good health.

Veterans Day, originally recognized as Armistice Day, serves as a commemoration of the conclusion of World War I. This day was initially observed on November 11, 1919, to pay tribute to veterans and mark the end of hostilities at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. In 1954, its designation was officially changed to Veterans Day, honoring all U.S. military veterans. It stands as a day of recognition and appreciation for the sacrifices and contributions of those who have served in our armed forces to safeguard our nation's security and freedom.

On this occasion of Veterans Day 2023, the 13th District Military Affairs Committee wishes to shine a light on one of our remarkable Brothers and Veterans, Brother Lt. Col (R) Ron Walker. We come together to pay tribute and express our profound gratitude to Brother Walker for his selfless dedication to our nation. Please find his comprehensive biography attached to gain insights into his illustrious military journey, as well as his dedication to serving the Brothers of the Tenacious 13th International District and his notable achievements within the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Yours in Omega,
Bro. Ra’Shad Patrick
13th District Military Affairs Chair
Keeper of Finance, Phi Gamma Gamma Chapter

(click here to download Brother Walker's Biography)


Give Back to the Community Campaign

As the holiday season approaches, the Brothers of the 13th International District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. are proud to launch the annual “Give Back to the Community Campaign” from November 1 – December 30. The overall objective is to extend a helping hand to individuals and families in need during this special time of the year.

The holiday season is a time of joy, gratitude, and togetherness. It's also a time when many people face challenges that can make it difficult to fully embrace the holiday spirit.

Greetings Brothers of the Tenacious Thirteenth District:

With the approval of the Eleventh 13th District Representative, Brother Tracy D. George, we are making a very special limited edition 13th District  30th Anniversary Dashiki available.

You may purchase this unique customized keepsake item through the 13th district storefront. Please review the video below for customization instructions. Please plan to bring your 30th Anniversary dashiki with you to Nassau. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brother Darryle Albert, 13th District First Vice District DR.

Again, thank you for your support.

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2023 13th International District
Talent Hunt Winner

Ms. Liyana Roque

Sigma Gamma Gamma Chapter
Okinawa, Japan

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Talent Hunt idea was created in the Fraternity's Sixth District (North and South Carolina) in 1945, and the first District Talent Hunt Program was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on April 19th, 1946. The need for such a program was born out of the unequal opportunity afforded to some American youths to develop and give full expression to their talents. The original statement of the Talent Hunt Idea included this expression: "Creative and outstanding capacities in any honorable activity should be eligible for consideration." In presenting the first public program, the displays of talent were limited to the field of music.


Theta Rho Chapter Supports the Spring Sports Program at Hohenfels High School
Hohenfels, Germany

Theta Rho Chapter, Thirteenth International District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. – Stuttgart, Germany – On February 11, 2023, Brother Darryle Albert, Thirteenth District First Vice District Representative (HHS Assistant Girls’ Basketball Coach), and Brother Antoine Reed, Thirteenth District Social Action Committee Chairman in support of the chapters Fatherhood and Mentoring and Social Action initiative made a financial donation presentation to the Hohenfels High School girls’ basketball team spring sports program. The chapter donation of $600 was in direct support of providing funding to assist the girls’ basketball team with their trip to play in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) spring sports EUROS Championship Tournament held in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The objective is to provide continual support of our young people to encourage, uplift and support their social, and emotional wellness through their participation in sporting activities which provide a sense of a return to normalcy after theirs and the world experience of a most recent global pandemic. The brothers of Theta Rho knew it was imperative that the chapter’s focus be of a direct connection to ensuring that student athletes achieve their goals as they adapted to a return to live sporting events and activities. The brothers of Theta Rho recognized that sports is a unifying language for students, the DODEA overseas school system, military connected members, their families, community stakeholders and our German host nation. Most importantly as men of Omega and as fathers, the brothers of Theta Rho recognized the need to reenergize a collective responsibility to engage and encourage All young people by reassuring them that nothing is beyond their reach in life if they believe in themselves and utilize all available support systems at their disposal.


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. was founded on November 17, 1911 at Howard University, Washington, DC.  To visit our International Website, please click on the image above.

Our commitment to Omega is a lifetime.  We encourage our members to consider Omega Life Membership in our Fraternity.  For more information, please click on the image above.


The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
Federal Credit Union is member owned and operated.  Visit us to see what services we offer and how we may be of assistance to you.


Chapter Name Location
Alpha Delta Xi Ottawa, Canada
Alpha Epsilon Beta   Nassau, Bahamas
Beta Nu Nu  Tijuana, Mexico
Chi Mu Mu  Birmingham, England
Chi Mu Nu 
 Shanghai, China
Delta Nu Nu  United Arab Emirates
Eta Iota Iota  St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Kappa Lambda Lambda  Freeport, Bahamas
Lambda Beta Beta  O'ahu, Hawaii
Lambda Mu Mu  Toronto, Canada
Lambda Xi
 Seoul, Korea
Nu Gamma Gamma  Panama City, Panama
Nu Nu Nu  Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Phi Gamma Gamma
 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Pi Xi  Nassau, Bahamas
Sigma Gamma Gamma
 Okinawa, Japan
Tau Chi  Accra, Ghana
Theta Rho  Stuttgart, Germany
Upsilon Lambda Lambda  Tokyo, Japan
Zeta Lambda Lambda  Hamilton, Bermuda
Zeta Xi  St. Thomas, Virgin Islands


13th International District 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.
3951 Snapfinger Parkway
Decatur, GA  30035

2023 13th International District